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Rule Of Threes Volume 4

Illa Ghee in... Induced Coma

Now Available! Grab your copy today and compete with your friends to see who can count the most bread references in "Time is Money".

November 17th

Rule Of Threes Volume 4

Illa Ghee in... Induced Coma

The "Rule of Threes" can be found in everything from writing, to mathematics, and even hematology. The mysterious, mystical nature of the number 3 occurs again, and again, throughout every aspect of human existence.

Fro Magnum Man’s "Rule of Threes" is a series of 3 song EPs that will pay tribute to the genre of Hip-Hop in a similar fashion that Creepshow pays homage to the genre of Horror. Each album will be produced by Fro Magnum Man and feature a different emcee to tell the tales. All artwork for Rule Of Threes will be in the style of a Creepshow comic book, and will ultimately be released as a book after Volume 10

Step into the haunting realm of rhythmic storytelling with the 4th volume of Rule Of Threes, "Illa Ghee in... Induced Coma". Illa Ghee's iconic voice, and carefully crafted verses soar seamlessly over eerie beats with an edge, bringing the listener on a dark and thrilling ride through the Rule Of Threes universe.

More to come.

I have been pretty busy lately, but the plan is to eventually put my day job skills to good use and build something unique and worthwhile here. In the meantime, please check out my socials, and check out the music that I have available on Bandcamp

Strong Creative Dope Or Venom

Ranging from the traditional, to the fully experimental, Strong Creative's debut album "Dope or Venom" is an experience of altered states. Strong Creative is Mic Audio on all lyrical duties, and Fro Magnum Man (Fromega Tron) handling all the production. This album is wildly varied, both in substance, and sonic character. We hope you enjoy it. We certainly enjoyed making it. There really isn't anything quite like this out there.


Progress (feat DA Donnieboy)

This song is about taking stock of your wins, and acknowledging how far you’ve come, even if you aren’t where you want to be yet. It's still important to honor the progress you've made no matter how much journey is still in front of you.


Grandwriter (feat. Mic Audio)

Come hear the tales woven by the GrandWriter Mic Audio, delivered over this spooky track produced by Fro Magnum Man just in time for the season.

Rule Of Threes Vol 3: Sav Killz in... Monstrous

Volume 3 welcomes underground veteran, and Brooklyn, NY emcee extraordinaire Sav Killz ( The versatility of Sav is felt strongly through these 3 tracks. Come along on this journey, and experience the rule of threes through the eyes of Sav Killz in volume 3. "Monstrous"

Eye See Why

Eye See Why (Mic Audio, Fro Magnum Man)

Mic Audio delivers the bars over a symphony of synths orchestrated by Fro Magnum Man in the #ModBap adventure. Being original and unique here is the name of the game.

Rule Of Threes Vol 2: Mic Audio In... Doomsday Clock

Volume 2, starring Mic-Audio pulls the listener through an inter-dimensional portal, teleporting them into a world of deeply layered metaphors woven by the wordsmith, floating on a bed of science fiction inspired soundscapes constructed by Fro Magnum Man.

Fro Magnum Man

Fro Magnum Man Space Cadet

We've been wearing virtual masks for so many years that now we get to wear real ones.

30 Beats in 30 Days Volume 1

in August of 2021, I created and posted a beat every day for 30 days straight. (8/17/2021 - 9/15/2021). All the beats were posted on my instagram at @fro_magnum_man with a quick little video. Feel free to check those posts out. Some of these beats have made it onto other projects, some have sat untouched, and unlistened to on my hard drive since being made. Now, they're available for you to listen to.

Rule Of Threes Vol 1: DA Donnieboy in... Off The Top

Volume 1 busts straight out of the gate with DA Donnieboy, in “Off The Top”. The lead single, "Roots Run Deep" is a love letter to Hip-Hop, and a plea to fans, rappers, and anyone else who takes part in this music, to acknowledge the rich history we are fortunate enough to have within the culture. All artwork for Rule Of Threes will be in the style of a Creepshow comic book, and will ultimately be released as a book after Volume 10.


Op-Sekt Core-Text

CORE-TEXT is an introspective album that explores ideas pertaining to the mind. Depression, anxiety, and frustration, are in focus, while also touching on relationships, with a dark sense of humor.

Fro Magnum Man

Fro Magnum Man Curmudgeon

Frustration is a recurring theme in Curmudgeon. Frustration with the state of music, the state of the world, and ultimately his own state of mind. After taking a long hiatus from music, Fro Magnum Man returns to the microphone, leaning into the fact that he is an ageing emcee who is too tired and grumpy to “evolve” with the trends. Fro Magnum Man’s pen is extremely sharp,and he spends much of the EP yelling at society, ignorance, and the proverbial kids on his lawn with production that spawns visions of a shaking fist. Curmudgeon isn’t entirely outwardly focused though. Some of the EP is quite introspective, dealing with Fro Magnum Man’s own depression, lack of self worth, and the frustration that stems from within. He mentions on more than one occasion, his lack of self control, inability to get healthy, and the inevitability of his untimely demise should he not be able to alter his ways